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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Below Red Skies

Below Red Skies is a pretty cool metalcore band that features some extremely crunchy breakdowns decent guitar riffs, a solid bass, really cool drumming and decent growls as well as clean vocals. The guitar parts are typically pretty simple and remind me a lot of the work of Devil Wears Prada. There are not a lot of really melodic single note lines instead they have a lot cool chordal riffs or single note riffs that are not really melodic. The bass work is pretty solid but the bassist could have more of a role, he typically hidden under the epic guitar riffing. The drums are fairly solid and enjoyable and some of the double bass trill things are pretty good. The growls are very aggressive and allow me to draw another comparison to Devil Wears Prada. The main issue with the clean vocals is that they are rather generic, and that is a big part of what is holding this band back, so many metalcore bands are hurt because their clean vocals are forgettable. Asides from that this band is cool and if you're into DWP style metalcore this should float your boat!

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