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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Carpathia Truth of the Moment

Today we are revisiting the unsettlingly good proggy black metal that is Carpathia to check out their sick new EP Truth of the Moment. Featuring all their technical goodies combined with a sick Emperor style of singing Carpathia does not fail to blow my mind. The first track off the EP is the memorable Eons Curse featuring some of the greatest drumming to be heard on the record. The guitar riff on this song is very nice too and the song does a good job of capturing the bands proggy feel while leaving in enough black metal to please the most satanic of us. The bass work on this track is pretty good and especially comes through on the bridge where the bassist leads the charge into oblivion. The next track is called the Kingdom of Interstellar Wisdom an excellent track showing some of the bands best synth work so far and also some of the most furious drumming i have ever had the pleasure to hear. Meanwhile the guitar work is absolutely stellar with a ton of hyper black riffs that never fail to impress. The bass work on this song  is not quite as good and a bass solo might fit well into the ambience. The final song is a 12 minute masterpiece featuring each musician at his best. That song is easily one of the best of 2012 so far. In conclusion Carpathia's new EP is killer and I can't wait to hear what this band will offer in the future. 

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