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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers are a fun alt rock band from India featuring a nice sound reminiscent of some of the cheerier White Stripes classics. They have a really cool logo too, so thats always nice. The guitar work is very much in the style of Jack White the riffs are simple and capture a lot of blues and punk energy. They are indeed most excellent and enjoyable. The bass work is pretty straightforward with the bassist playing the root notes of the guitarists chords. This makes the sound quite a bit bigger and the bass interludes give them a unique feel. The drumming matches the music well, there are a few of nice little fills but the majority of the time the drummer just matches the rhythm. Finally we have the vocals which are scratchy and moaning at the same time. Yet somehow they are quite good and a joy to listen too. They do a good job of capturng the back to the basics garage rock sound of bands like the Black Keys. In conclusion the Grasshoppers are a nice blues-punk band that sounds a lot like the Stripes and the Keys in the basics yet in practice they prove themselves to be quite unique.

Check em out

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