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Monday, February 27, 2012


Oceanwalker is a cool prog metal outfit from Illinois. Their Dream Theater styled music is very cool and totally worth listening too. The guitars feauture lots of crazy progressions that are very much in the jazz inspired prog vein. In addition some of the solos are completely insane and make the album worthwhile on their own. The bass work is pretty straightforward, but it is essential to keeping the progressions going and it gives a bit more soul to the group. Then we have the drums which are very impressive, the mix of styles and the steady build ups proves that the drummer of this group is a true master. Finally we have the vocals, overall they are failry well done, but the problem is that they are mixed a bit too quietly. There is not nearly as much power as their should be behind the vocals. Sonically they feel weak, even though the singer is pretty good the mix hurts the overall sound. In conclusion Ocean Walker is a pretty amazing band featuring some great musicians who could be very signable with a slightly improved mix.

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