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Monday, February 27, 2012

Foreboding Ether

Foreboding Ether is a killer tech death band in the same vein as Revocation. They show off a ton of brutal riffs that never become chuggy or dull. Instead Foreboding Ether has swirling black riffs that slowly tear your mind apart. Complimenting their crazy riffs are some really nice technical guitar acrobatics and amazing solos that always impress. This band will not fail to blow your mind. The bass work is also very heavy and a big part of what makes Foreboding Ether so brutal. With crazy bass dominated riffs in songs like Deadline the bass has a huge role in this group. The drums are crazy and hectic and are very much in the style of Barren Earth. I particularly like the drum part in Tunabhuna which shows the drummer at his limit. Finally the growls are extremely brutal and blow my mind. There is so much raw aggression in this band that your hands are forced into making the horns. And it is the vocals that best embody this with their crazy raw energy. In conclusion, this is one of the best unsigned bands that I have ever had the privilege to review and every good metalhead needs to find the satanic altar of Foreboding Ether and worship at it.

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