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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Famous Thieves

amous Thieves is a pretty cool Alt Rock band with a sound very much in the vein of The Strokes. Their laid back drumming supports nicely high powered riffs, and it's all topped off by some pretty nifty sing song vocals. The drum work on this record is very good, it's nice and calm so the band has a very relaxing basic sound. But the guitar riffs really help to bring the songs alive, with tracks like Sin that really blast away. My one request would be for more solos, as they could bring some more life into the band. The bass work is pretty solid and fits in more with the drum work than the guitar. This is another big reason that the band's sound is so chilled out. Finally the vocals are great, there's a combination of sing song near talking mixed in with amazing full fledged yells. The end result is some really cool garage rock you should really check out!

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