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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hope Against Hope

Hope Against Hope is a Melodic Hardcore band with a fairly unique sound that really does them well. They manage to pull out of the standard hardcore mold by applying some tasty intervals and rather unique vocal stylings. The guitar work is relatively straightforward but the application of intervals and the timing of the riffs come together to make the band a bit more unique. The bass work is pretty simple, and while it is no virtuoso performance it gets the job done and really helps to add on to the hard core feel. The drumming is also rather average, yet it too gets the job done. In general though the band is pretty normal for the genre in terms of instrumentalists. The vocals however, help make the band a bit more unique. While there are some growls and some other more melodic parts the majority of the vocals are shouted crudely and attain a magnificent effect that is VERY punk. So if punk or hard core is your thing check these guys out, they're pretty unique!

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