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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Forever in Promise Into the Storm

Forever in Promise is a metalcore band in the vein of As I Lay Dying, and their new EP is quite excellent. With the epic intro track Drifting, the band sets the mood for a great recording. Some of their stuff is pretty standard of the metalcore genre, yet they have a few experimental bits that put them a cut above the rest. Their guitar work is excellent, and it gels nicely with the heavy bass work and solid drums, the keyboards helps to top off the group with an atmospheric might balanced out by interesting industrial passages, and last of all the vocals are pretty brutal. In brief, any and all metalcore fans should come and check out these guys, the guitar alone will impress you!

The guitar work on this record is pretty sweet, there is a range of guitar riffs, and while all the traditional -core maxims are respected, some things take this group to a new level. One example is the long held powerchords during the anthemic parts of “The Deepest Part is You”. In other words, Forever in Promise manages to play core, but also make it into their own animal. The breakdowns are not dull and chuggy, but instead trippy and experimental. The one criticism I have is that there are not really enough solos. Yet otherwise, the guitarists of Forever in Promise are awesome and will not disappoint!

Rhythmically the bass gels very nicely with the guitars. It is particularly loud, and helps to amp the music up to a new level of brutality. At the same time, this brutality occasionally can muddy the songs. Yet overall the bass work here is killer and really helps to make the music aggressive and solid. The drum work is also quite good, in particular the djenty drums on Message from Home are wonderful. In short, the rhythmic element of Forever in Promise is very good, and shows how great the band can really be!

The keyboards on this bands EP help to define the band. From the cool effects on the beginning of Communication to the symphonic keys on Into the Sea, Forever in Promise gets an unbelievable amount of bang for their buck in their keyboardist. He manages to spread the bands sound out and give them a much wider music palette. He is probably the most significant element of this band! He makes Forever in Promise both Avant Garde and standard at the same time, he is truly excellent.

The vocals of Forever in Promise are a nice combination of growls and clean vocals. They follow a pretty standard core format of growled verses and sung choruses. The growls are pretty brutal, but honestly they can make the sound a bit to dirty at times, however that might just be the mixing. The clean vocals are typically pretty good, however some might call them nasally. Yet, asides from those minor faults the vocals in this band really compliment the instruments.

In conclusion, Forever in Promise is an awesome metalcore band that you should totally check out. Their new EP is one of the greatest core releases of the year so far, and their musicians are great. The guitars are heavy, the bass and drums create and excellent rhythm, and the keyboards make the sound unique. Finally the vocals ice the cake and make Forever in Promise one of the bands to watch of 2012!

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