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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Left to the Wolves

Left to the Wolves is a heavy Deathcore band from Kentucky, who skirts the line of becoming to chuggy, yet manage to control their sound and produce some pretty sick tunes. The guitar work is extremely brutal, the bass thundering, the drums aggressive and the vocals capture that deathcore magic. The guitarists show off a lot of skill and prove that they can take their music to the next level. Their bar filling shredded licks provide some nice padding for the rest of the band. Yet these guitarists could be doing so much more, the melodic riff on Bearing the Death sentence shows what this band can truly achieve. With a guitar sound that reminds me of All Shall Perish, I challenge these guys to go to the next level and make their band into legends. The bass work is usually pretty heavy and is mostly used to compliment the guitar riffs, but the bass really shines in the breakdowns. It really helps to make the band more brutal and add to the deathcore magic. The drum work is usually pretty good, and the drummer definitely has his moments, one example would be in the intro to the track Against a Raging Tide, where a slow drum intro directly contrasts the burning fast fills played later in the song. Finally we have the vocals, reminiscent of bands like Suicide Silence they truly capture the deathcore feel. In conclusion Left to the Wolves is a great deathcore band for anyone looking for bands like All Shall Perish.

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