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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Otiks is an indie rock band from Leeds. They feature some nifty little guitar riffs, solid bass parts, ambient keyboards, nice drumming and spacey vocals. The guitar work is particularly tasty. The arpeggiated chords heard in the verse of For Your Art are especially good. The guitar solos are pretty cool too, and while you shouldn't expect shredding there is definitely a lot of emotion to be had. The bass riffs are pretty solid and nicely fill out the sound while giving the band some power. Then the ambient keys are really good at capturing the feel of the songs and helping to make the music very soothing to the ear. The drum work is pretty solid, though there are not a lot of particularly technical lines the drummer nevertheless does a good job of capturing the general feel of the song and keeping it all going. The vocals of Otiks sound slightly psychedelic. They help give the band a bit of a Pink Floyd flavor, so that might give you another reason to check these guys out. In conclusion, Otiks is a fairly decent band, and their sound is very solid, showing them to be good musicians and wonderful songwriters. So go check them out on Facebook!

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