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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Same Old Story

Same Old Story is a pop punk band with readily apparent influences like Blink 182 and Sum 41. Yet as opposed to the vast majority of the generic pop punk bands I have to review here, these guys have a very solid sound featuring excellent production and wonderful songwriting. Yes, Same Old Story is an unsigned pop punk band that DOES NOT SUCK! Their guitar work is pretty typical of the genre, but the riffs are very memorable and powerful. They often remind me of Bowling for Soups guitar work, in that the riffs are very catchy. The solos are pretty cool too, while the guitarist is by no means Malmsteen, his solos are pretty solid and capture the essence of the song well. The bass work is thuddingly powerful. It rocks with the drums forming a powerful bottom end. Speaking of drums, the drum work is excellent, there is a variety of fun fills that really keep the music going. Finally we have the vocals, while very much in the style of bands like Sum 41 they have their own unique aggression. In addition the parts where the whole band sings along to the chorus adds a new layer to the music. In conclusion Same Old Story is excellent, they have proved to me that I do not always need to despair when band's are labeled Pop-Punk!

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