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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Abysseral Throne

Abysseral Throne is a Melodic Blackened Metal band from New Brunswick. With a bass heavy sound, their very own brand of melodic metal is interesting to say the least. The guitar work is pretty melodic, and some of the riffs are straight up killer. The solos are also excellent, and feature a lot of technical accuracy. There is an overall feeling of prog dominating the songs as well, which helps make them a bit artsy. The bass is really heavy on this record and its thumping power really drives the band along. With each bass note the band goes farther on their bizarre prog journey. The drum work is pretty good, featuring some of the good old thrashing style of Black Sabbath's very own Bill Ward. The vocals are strange, one might describe them as semi growls. They have a slightly dirty feel yet they are not full on growls, nor are they at all clean. Instead they are somewhere in between and are another factor adding to the strangeness of the music. In conclusion Abysseral Throne is a pretty cool metal band with a wide variety of influences who create some very cool music!



  2. Except they fucking suck and their bassist is a dick.

  3. lol, says the anonymous poster

    1. Yeah, as if you even know me dude. You can call me a dick all ya want, but you're the one suckin' on em :p Enjoy your miserable troll life trying to make other people look bad because you're jealous