Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Crash Pad

Crash Pad is an excellent punk band with an oldschool feel. They have a rich combination of punk sounds combined with an overwhelming sense of rock. The end result is some wonder toetapping music. The guitar riffs are never very complicated but they have a lot of flavor in them and you get a lot of pleasure in just listening to their sheer rock and roll energy. The solos are usually pretty bluesy and always tasty. The bass parts are heavy and some of the walking lines add a lot to the overall feel of rock. The drumming is usually in upbeat patterns that fill me with joy. They are probably the best indicator of how much fun the band is having. (A lot). The vocals are usually higher pitched and often rather dirty. They reflect a lot of the old fashioned Sex Pistols energy. The lyrics are usually pretty funny to but they accurately reflect real life n funny ways. In short, if your looking for a pop punkish band with a sense of humor come check out these guys!


  1. I've seen videos of the band. They sound ok but the guitarist does seem to be full of himself doesn't he?

  2. i beg to differ, i think he just has a strutting style thats actually kind of fun!

  3. Their guitarist rocks!!! great energy from the ol' man!