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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Vendetta is a heavy Grungy Metal band from the UK. They have an interesting of a garage rock feel combined with pure BLS style metal. Their riffs have a lot of power behind them with a magic swirling energy. The combinations of riffs and patterns creates an almost dizzying sound reminiscent of guys like Slash. The solos feature some nice shredding, and it's always very tasty. The bass is steady and very loud. It really drags the sound in to the pit. The heavy bass is a highlight in songs like Reflection. With the drummer the bassist provides a decent rhythm section. However there are some production issues and the music sounds slightly “wrong” at times. The female vocals do a great job in filling out the top end and they have a certain raw energy that keeps the garage alive in the band. In conclusion Vendetta is a pretty good band, who any grunge fan or metalhead would probably enjoy. Asides from issues with production Vendetta rocks!

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