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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Khylist is a cool prog band capturing a lot of the Dream Theater magic and combining it with their own feel. The overall impression you get from the guitar is a good one. There are many layers of music here and they create an impressive Rush type sound. The layers upon layers mixed in with delay is probably one of the greatest things about this band. The guitarist is truly skilled and his riffs and solos are both brilliant. They add a lot of flavor to the music and are a joy to listen to. The bass work is pretty solid and shows a rather high technical ability on his part. The drum work is pretty calm and it really captures the feel of the music while keeping it driving along. Finally the vocals are just... bizarre. Either spoken or oddly sung I'm not really sure how to comment. They are barely present anyway, so don't worry. The lyrics though are very good and very thought inspiring. So, anyone who likes spacey prog will love these guys, so go check them out!

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