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Monday, April 9, 2012


Shadowmind is a band I reviewed once a few months ago, I thought they were pretty awesome, but now they are better than ever! This band has the full package, crazy guitars, powerful rhythm and brutal vocals, in short everything that is needed for a great metal band. The guitar work is excellent and the riffs are awesome. The shred during the solos is great and is always very fun to listen too. The bass work is solid and the crushing bass riffs are a big part of what makes this band so good. The we have the drums, some of the crazy hectic parts blow my mind, yet the drummer also proves his ability to play tight rhythm in some of the faster parts. The vocals are an interesting mix of a variety of style, from shouts to growls to things in between. This interesting combination allows for a lot of sonic variety. So in Shadowmind a combination of factors creates for a really powerful layered sound that is verymetal. So go check out Shadowmind, may their brutal hearts never die!

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