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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The LetDowns, Good old Rock an Roll

The LetDowns are a fairly heavy oldschool punk act with a sound very similar to that of bands like The Sex Pistols. The guitar work is pretty simple and straightforward, but the riffs have a sort of bluesy melody which adds to the rock and roll feel. Adding to the rock and roll energy are the solos, sparse as they might be, they are extremely tasty and add a lot of bluesy power to the music. Then we have the bass, it's loudness is a big part of what makes this band so heavy. The lines usually follow the guitar parts, which might not always be the best choice. I feel that with the addition of a few rock-n-roll walking lines this band might get a much more interesting sound. The drum work is pretty straightforward and the best lines have standard rock beats. They are a big part of what makes this sound so rock and roll. Finally we have the vocals, they are occasionally atonal but they have a true old school punk feel and really capture the atmosphere of the era. In conclusion, The LetDowns are a fun punk act to check out if you ever feel like you're lacking some of that Rock and Roll Energy.

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