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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Theatre Nocturne, Chunky Death Metal

Theatre Nocturne is an incredible death metal band from Buffalo. With a sound filled with chunky riffs and brutal growls Theatre Nocturne is one of the greatest unsigned acts out there. The guitar work is very aggresive with lots of extremely delicious riffs that epitomize the art of the extreme. I have rarely heard riffs this heavy, and the speed at which they are executed borders the ridiculous. The bass work is also very brutal with crazy bass dominated riffs that bring them music to the most black levels of tartarus. The drum work is hectic and powerful and forcefully pushes the music to the next level. Finally the growls are very well executed and contribute a lot to the extreme metal sound. They have a quality that seems to invoke the devil himself. So, go forth, and listen to Theatre Nocturne. They have it all, good musicianship, excellent production, and above all BRUTALITY.

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