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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sympathy for the Stars

So today I am coming at you guys with the new album of Sympathy from the Stars, an emotional prog band with a truly unique sound. The guitar work is brilliant, featuring crazy riffs and flashy solos. The bass work is very solid and driving, and the drum work is illuminating. Finally the vocals, are unlike many prog vocals you may have heard of in the past, and they are a big part of what makes this band unique. In addition, the lyrics share a beautiful story and have the power to move a listener emotionally. In brief, the latest release from Sympathy from the Stars may very well be one of the greatest unsigned releases of the year.

The guitar work on this record is truly inspirational. From the powerful riff in Mama has Passed to the impossibly sad solo in Heroes Vs Hitlers, Alex never fails to impress. His combination of styles range from jazz to metal to folk, this permits for an incredibly varied sound reminiscent of bands like Dream Theater and Haken. His guitar playing is technically correct, and the theory behind it is nearly perfect. But it becomes excellent when Alex manages to infuse an incredible level emotion into his playing style. This makes his music so wonderfully listenable, obviously Alex is a brilliant guitarist and his playing alone makes the album worth listening too!

The bass work on this record is also quite good. The bassist features a remarkable attack in the heavier parts and in the quieter parts he manages to invoke a great depth into his music. The bassist makes the sound full and powerful, he drives the music along while putting in a ton of emotion. The drum work is almost perfectly spot on in this record. The drummers musical range is impressive and he always manages to meet the mood of the song. Unfortunately the drus are not always present and this can take a bit away from the drive of the music. Overall though the rhythm section of Sympathy from the Stars is quite excellent and can pack quite a punch.

Finally we have the vocal work, the approach is often very punk-poppish, and this is actually very fascinating sonically. This combination of styles is at once unexpected and brilliant, it takes the often spacey work of Sympathy from the Stars and grounds it in the real world. This combination of the real world and outer space does wonders for the bands sound! In addition, the lyrics on this record are incredible. They tell an amazing story that is very moving and occasionally tear-jerking. The layers of emotion added in by the guitar and bass work serves to make the lyrics even more poignant. This combination of pop punk vocals and beautiful lyrics allows for an exceptional sound that can't be matched by many modern acts.

In conclusion, Sympathy from the Stars is one of the greatest unsigned prog acts aroudn today. Their combination of genres and playing styles creates a varied sound. Then the raw emotion found in the guitar and bass playing helps to make this band sound beautiful. The drum work is nearly perfect and really helps to keep the band together. Finally we have the vocals and the amazing lyrics. Their combination of concepts leads to some of the greatest new music that I have heard in a long time.

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