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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ascending Oblivion: Some of the best unsigned Djent

Ascending Oblivion is a killer djent act from Cleveland. They have all the brutality of Meshuggah, the sheer brilliance of Animals as Leaders, and the awesomeness of Periphery. In brief, they are one of the best djent acts out there. The guitar work features crashing riffs with a technical edge, they brutalize the band while adding melody. The solos are beautiful and very emotional, it is rare that you get to hear solos this inspiring in djent, but Ascending Oblivion does it! The bass work adds a lot of the rhythm to the band. It is part of what makes this group so good, it adds rhythms that can not be beaten. Complimenting the bass, is the drums, which show off crazy licks that would only make sense in a djent context. They have a lot of the raw energy one hears in Meshuggah tracks. Finally we have the vocals, the growls are extremely powerful and remind of those of bands like Frozen Infinity. The sheer might is incredible and it proves to me how amazing Ascending Oblivion truly is. In conclusion, this band is one of the greatest unsigned djent acts that I have ever found, and if you don't give them a listen, then you are missing out on something huge.

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