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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Jokers: The Hippies are back!

The Jokers are a rock band with a 60's hippy type vibe mixed in with a slightly experimental sound. This results in some unique music, that is surprisingly pleasant. The guitars have some pretty simple parts but are very cheery. They remind me of groups like Humble Pie and Simon and Garfunkel. The solos are pretty straightforward and have a really nice hippy vibe to them. The bass work is fairly normal but key to the sound, the bass lines are a big part of what makes the music so hippytastic. They also add a bit of energy in the more high powered bits, which is obviously, very good. The drum work is gentle and caresses the ears, the drums are what fully communicate the low-key vibe of the music, they show that the music is calm, but it still has some drive. Finally we have the vocals, the singer has a voice that is very much in the style of the 60s type rock and roll that they try to imitate. Overall, The Jokers have a tight sound that is fun to listen too that gives you a good taste of old school rock and roll.

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