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Friday, May 18, 2012

Black Metal That Rocks

Hey folks! Call me Faulty. I'm a friend of Matt's, and have very recently started blogging at Temple ov Bastet. My forte is black metal, so I'm bringing to you today a few black metal bands to check out. Today, the subject will be rock and roll influenced black metal bands, with samples and listening suggestions! Hope ya'll enjoy it.


Pronounced "toll-tar", Tjolgtjar is a rather odd project. It's the solo project of Reverend J.R. Preston. Beyond the completely unique riffing style, Tjolgtjar is known for heavy rock influences and the occasional odd, psychedelic moment. Preston also has a sense of humour that is reminiscent of early Norwegian bands like Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest and Immortal, who take their music seriously but aren't too serious about it. The song "Voyage of Satan's Elves" from Midnight Mindtrip is a perfect example, with its Christmasy synths and clearly unique subject matter. His discography can be spotty, especially for people who aren't a big fan of his work, so certain releases are suggested in particular, as is a sense of humour and being open to something new.

Suggested Listening: The New Age
Further Listening: Midnight Mindtrip or Ikarikitomidun, Lord of the Forest

Trial Track: "El Amo de la Nueva Edad"

Blood Cult

"This is redneck black metal!" Also containing J.R. Preston, Blood Cult are a rural plains dwelling USBM band that also specialize in a southern rock influenced black metal. They've got a more old school sound to their music, with many songs sounding much closer to the old school sounds of bands like Gorgoroth or Mayhem. They're one of the most interesting black metal bands working today and both of their albums are great. Their themes focus on the Mid-West, whether it be the stuff of rural horror movies, or being rednecks. I actually guest reviewed We Who Walk Behind the Rows for another blog run by a friend, though I have come to prefer their second album, We Are the Cult of the Plains. I'm using a trial track from We Who Walk Behind the Rows, however, because the only song from Cult of the Plains on youtube is one of their more straight black metal ones and isn't indicative of their rock influence.

Suggested Listening: We Are the Cult of the Plains
Further Listening: We Who Walk Behind the Rows

Trial Track: "Redneck Black Metal"


Despite a few goofy song titles, Dodsferd fucking rock. Their music isn't actually rock influenced in the riffs, but some excellent drumming gives the music a rock like groove that turns a band that otherwise could have been boring and standard a unique sound. Long songs become incredibly enjoyable as you listen to the varied drum work bring out every tone the guitar work is capable of conjuring. The vocals are also incredible, with Wrath howling and screaming his way through Death Set the Beginning of My Journey. I'm a sucker for good drumming, and Dodsferd deliver.

Suggested Listening: Death Set the Beginning of my Journey

Trial Track: "You Were Talking about a Kingdom; What the Fuck Is That!!!"


Again with the same people in a second band. Nadiwrath contains Wrath from Dodsferd, and their music is rockish riff wise rather than just in drumming. Their music has a real punk feel to it that almost gets pop like. It ends up being incredibly catchy. Like Dodsferd, the song titles are pretty stupid ("Another Pimping Whore"... what does that even mean?), but the catchy as hell music makes up for it. They only have one album out, but it's very satisfying. They're not as quality as Dodsferd, but they're an incredibly enjoyable listen largely because of emotional range and riff style; closer "Memories Are Dead" is a depressive black metal track that is even gorgeous at times.

Suggested Listening: Nihilistic Stench
Metal Archives / Purchase

Trial Track: "Darkness Has Lost Its Meaning" 

Whiskey Ritual

Like Nadiwrath, Whiskey Ritual is very heavily rock influenced, and could be very accurately described as black and roll. Hell, the opening song to In Goat We Trust is even called "Black'n'Roll". Whiskey Ritual's vocalist sounds like he washes gravel down with whiskey and it works well over their groovy black metal. Their music is catchy as fuck, and they don't fall into the trap of feeling like their heavy rock influences are a gimmick. In Goat We Trust is their debut album, and thus far their only one, and it is helplessly catchy and enjoyable, and Whiskey Ritual is worth a listen, definitely.

Suggested Listening: In Goat We Trust
Metal Archives / Purchase

Trial Track: "In Goat We Trust"

Five bands seems like a good place to end. I hope you all found something you enjoy. For a bit of further listening, here are some other albums you might enjoy if you liked the bands listed:

  • Carpathian Forest's Strange Old Brew: Punkish black metal from Norway, one of the originals.
  • Nattefrost's Blood & Vomit: Solo project by Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest, as fun as it is purposefully immature.
  • Horned Almighty's Contaminating the Divine: Groovy rockish BM with a thick guitar sound and Carpathian Forest overtones.
  • Darkthrone's Circle the Wagons: Darkthrone have become heavily influenced by speed and heavy metal, and Circle the Wagons has plenty of great, rocking tunes and riffs that make it one of my favorite Darkthrone records.
  • Glorior Belli's Meet Us at the Southern Sign: Orthodox black metal with influence from blues, southern rock, and stoner; oddly from France. An interesting and enjoyable experience.
  • Kvelertak's Kvelertak: blackened hardcore, incredibly catchy and fun as fuck. Also, great cover art from the guy who did the art for Pig Destroyer's Phantom Limb and Baroness' albums.

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