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Monday, May 14, 2012

Xpulsion, Crazy Thrash from Cali

Xpulsion is a brutal old school thrash band with a sound that nicely mixes the old and the new. Blending old school riffs emulating Slayer or Dark Angel, with the excellent songwriting of Revocation, these guys are pretty metal. The guitars are roaring and host a ton of ultra fast guitar lines. Mixed with old fashioned breakdowns a la Death Angel the guitar work does not fail to impress. The solos have a lot of the crazy atonal feel that makes old school bands so good, but at the same time one gets the impression that there is something more, a second layer to the music. This simply attests to the great songwriting going on here. The bass work is speedy and drags the music down to a new level of brutality. This just makes the music more aggressive and wonderful. The drum work, as it is on all good thrash recordings, is hectic, blazing and chaotic. The drummer captures the energy of the band and just helps to make the band that much more true to the ideals of thrash metal. Vocally this band resembles Exodus or Death Angel, in that there are semi growled vocals that have a lot of raw anger behind them. Lyrically this band does a good job of calling back the old days with songs like Thrash is in Session and Cerebral Assault that truly reflect the ideals of the genre. To conclude, Xpulsion is a really cool band with a great old school thrash sound that you're guaranteed to love!


  1. Xpulsion kicks ass!!!!!Their shows are solid and they know how to get the crowd thrashing in the pit!!! I heard a preview of the soon to released EP "War Is Imminent" and it is deep! They are emerging as a top force in the Metal scene in So Cal.Record labels are on notice....Sign these guys!

  2. dey pretty tight yooo

  3. I would consider daniels vocals to resemble Infernal Majesty much more than Exodus or Death angel.. but needless to say this is my best friends band and they do as a matter of fact kick ass