Chuck Schuldiner Project

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Dearfellow is a gritty blues band with a punk philosophy that gives them an old school feel. With a sound that is very back to the basics yet still pretty fun Dearfellow is the kind of band that proves the White Stripes formula of alt blues still works. The guitar work is pretty simple and straightforward and very tasty. I would ask for a few more solos though, it could better fill out the sound. The bass work is pretty simplistic and manages to nicely meet the aura of the band. It helps keep everything solid and reasonably heavy. Finally we have the drums, they are typically rather loose and give the band a jam band feel. The vocals are a bit weak, they do not have the aggression and raw power to really bring this band to the forefront. Yet I feel that with a little work Dearfellow could very easily become the next great garage band!

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