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Saturday, May 26, 2012


Blunderbuster is an incredible folk-punk band from the Midlands. Featuring a sound that combines all the magic of a classic punk lineup with some amazing fiddle work, Blunderbuster rocks. The guitars are very well put together and have a wonderful brutality to them. They drive the music forward and make the music hectic and crazy. The bass work features some great rhythms that really give the music a unique power. Bassist Loz Shaw (Also the guitarist in Steeltrooper) shows an impressive variety of bass licks that make his music unique. The drum work has some remarkably heavy beats which are in stark contrast to the violin parts. Speaking of violin, Hywel pretty much defines the band with his violin. His ability to capture almost any type of folk sound on his fiddle allows for a varied sound that incorporates a lot more pagan influences than one might expect. Vocally this band shows a nice combination of folk type vocals with punk shouts and growls. A stellar example of his is in the song Dani's House Party where we hear a wonderful contrast between sounds as the band's singer goes and sings in multiple distinct styles.To conclude, Blunderbuster is an awesome band with a unique sound that you really need to check out.

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