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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Malakyte Thrash Metal done right!

Malakyte is an excellent thrash metal band with an old school feel. Very much in the vein of groups like Revocation, the combine the intensity of old school thrash with some more modern influences and sounds. The guitars are very similar to those in Exodus, one of my favorite old school bands. They have a raw energy and dirty feel that makes you want to bang your head. The bass riffs are pretty good, and they help to add to some of the raw brutality and grit of the band. One example of their power is towards the end of the track Fall to Khaos, where the bass holds steady while the rest of the band falls into chaos. The drum licks are very much in the style of groups like Dark Angel or Exhumed. They have a hectic quality that shows them pushing on the boundaries of the music. Finally we have the vocals, powerful half-growled lines top off a music bristling with energy and brutality. The vocalist keeps the bands aggressive edge and always brings the group back to their roots. In conclusion, Malakyte is a sick thrash metal band that I will not soon forget. With great riffs, and an old school feel, they are a band that you MUST check out.

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