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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Subject Delta

Subject Delta is as cool death metal band very much in the vein of groovy acts like Lamb Of God. They have a very brutal sound that shows off a lot of the classic death metal energy. Their stuff is ridiculously tight and proves that if you're from Norway, you don't HAVE to make black metal. The guitar work is brutal and features a lot of juicy riffs, there is a lot of variety here too, just compare any two songs of theirs, you see they cover quite a large musical palette. The bass work is heavy and helps to drag the band into an icy darkness, in other words, it is quite metal. The drums are fresh and always fun, with crazy fills like those in “Lizard People” I don't see whats not to like! They really come across well and provide for an interesting sound. Finally we have the vocals, the growls are pretty well done and remind me very much of Lamb of God. They are rather tight and really keep everything firmly in the death metal zone. In conclusion, Subject Delta is a sweet death metal band who you should really check out!

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