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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Edenian is an atmospheric doom metal band from Ukraine, and I must say, that they are one quality act. With booming guitars, thudding basslines, atmospheric keyboards, a stellar drum performance and brilliant vocals these guys can not be beat. The guitar parts are powerful and every line is packed with meaning and contributes to the overall song. The solos are extremely well done too and help to add to the overall quality of the music. In some parts, you could even compare this group to Dethklok. The bass is solid and really contributes to the depth of the music, it brings the music to a new level of blackness while nicely filling out the bottom end. The keyboards are brilliant, with ambient lines that add a magic quality to the music. The drums are also excellent and keep the music going with a lot of fun fresh fills that manage to hold on to the epic quality of the music. Finally we have the vocals which are absolutely perfect. The female vocals are beautiful and powerful, often reminiscent of acts like Amberian Dawn and Midnatsoll. Meanwhile the growls are brutal and doomy, the clean male vocals are also pretty solid and add a bit of contrast to the other singing on the record. In conclusion Edenian is a brilliant metal band that you need to check out, so do it, do it now!

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