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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thee Creeps

So the last true rock and rollers are back, with a rejuvenated sound, a new band name, and a concept that is far from the garage rock of the band's Instant Witness days. When they were Instant Witness, these guys had an old school sound that had an awesome rock and roll energy. Now as Thee Creeps they explore a bit more of an experimental side with a noise punk attack that only retains the basic tenets of the classic rock ethic of the old band. The guitar work is heavily distorted and confusing, the riffs are brutal and unbelievably rough. The bass work exists only to enforce the guitar parts, to make them more memorable and powerful. While it works in the context of this band's sound, it's sad to remember the crazy bass-tastic days of Noise Gunk Murder Castle. The drum work provides a gentle beating heart to the music, yet it still has that hectic flavor, it keeps things interesting. Finally the vocals are distorted and weird, almost unsettling in quality. The lyrics too have taken a turn for the psychedelic. The new sound of Instant Witness is bizarre and booming, yet beneath that morass of strangeness one still hears a bunch of high school kids just trying to play that rock and roll music.

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  1. Same band, different project - They may have changed their name but obviously continue exploring their incredible creativity and that's exciting - you never know what they're going to do next. These guys ARE garage rock - awesome, unique and still rockin and rollin as only they know how to do -