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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vijeriah, Sweet Rhythmic Death Metal

Vijeriah is a death metal act with a very solid rhythm section. They have an explosive sound featuring some of the juiciest non-djent rhythms that I have heard in a while. The guitar work is heavy and often slightly -core. The guitar rhythms are a big part of the music, they are very tasty and remind me a bit of bands like Born of Osiris. The bass work is pretty steady, and simply emphasizes the guitar rhythms, this does make the music more brutal, but also a bit less interesting. The drum work is frantic and the crazed fills on songs like Bracelet add a lot of flavor to the songs. Finally we have the vocals, the growls have almost an old school feel and take the band back to the ways of Atheist and Death. In other words, they are most wonderful. To conclude, Vijeriah is a cool death metal band featuring awesome rhythms that aren't djent! For that alone they're pretty much worth checking out.

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