Chuck Schuldiner Project

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Adrenaline is a band I want to like, they have all of the elements needed to be a sick thrash band, crazy guitars, speedy bass, hectic drums, Araya-like vocals, and I think in the near future I will honestly love them. But right now... right now they need to work on production. Even though the guitar playing is stellar, with crazy riffs and solos that are to die for, even though there is some sick bass work and chunky drum fills, and even vocals to rival the great Araya himself, this band does not have the production to fully succeed. Yet I see a ridiculous amount of potential here. I think that in 6 months this band can become one of the top thrash acts in the unsigned scene. In a year they can be signed. All they have to do, is work on their production, all of the key elements are there, the music is bloody brilliant! Yet they lack that magic. So Adrenaline, get a producer boys and conquer the metal world, I'm counting on you!


  1. That's nice words, appreciate it very much! Yes the production is kinda shitty on our songs, but we'r thinking doing a EP this summer, with better production and some new songs! :) -Adrenaline

  2. I hope you get famous someday guys :P -jerppe