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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Paradoxical is a very cool tech death band with a hardcore vibe. This band manages to be tech-ish while keeping all the fun of Pantera inspired groove metal. The guitar parts are low and brutal shoving the music along with powerful blasts of sound. They create some of the most fist pumping tech death that I have ever heard! Really, you can't help but headbang to this bands' rhythms. They are just so darn tasty! The bass work is a big part of this, with the bassist leading a powerful charge into glory. Riding just behind the bassist is the drummer whose creative fills keep the music fresh and driving. The drumming is particularly good in the speedy bits, where crashing fills help to keep things going along rapidly. Finally we have the vocals, the growls are extremely brutal, yet they are not horrifying, they are just very deep. Lyrically this band dwells on standard metal topics, like gore and death, a little creativity in the lyrics could go a long way. In conclusion Paradoxical is a good band with a lot of potential that could become a lot better really easily. So go check them out!

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