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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Doom Machine

I'll be straight with our readers here, Doom Metal isn't something with which I am terrible familiar. I've got a few doom metal albums in my library, but I certainly wouldn't consider myself an expert. Take this review with an extra grain of salt. Or two.

Nonetheless, I absolutely love Doom Machine. It's simple, it's straightforwards, it's goddamn metal. It reminds me very much of Sante Muerte (unsigned band I reviewed a while ago). Classic rock and doom metal, what could possibly go wrong?

Well aside from a handful of pitfalls with cliched "badass" riffs, not a whole lot. From time to time, the vocals don't suit the music very nicely and the recording quality is so-so even by home studio standards, but ultimately, this record is an easy listen that most metalheads should be able to enjoy except for a few tracks. Ironically, the track "Immortal," as well as "Make Me Bleed" and "The End Has Begun" turn out to be surprisingly bland, unexciting tracks. While nothing is inherently wrong with these tracks technically, the band doesn't seem to be fully into these songs as much as they are into their other tracks.

However, when Doom Machine really gets into the music, they are unrelenting, funky, and most importantly, heavy. The growls might not go as low as many other bands, but they sound just as pissed off as any other.

Just check them out.

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