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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal is a wonderfully joyful pop punk band in the vein of legends like My Chemical Romance or Sum 41. While some of my more kvlt brethren might call these guys “Gay sell outs” I have to say that I quite adore this band. They have a sound that is very tight and rather powerful. Listening to them is like rising into heaven on a winged horse's back, it's that good. The guitar work is overall very simple but also very tasty, it has a great pop punk bite that keeps it interesting. The riffs are all rather punchy and really help to get the message of the music across. The bass work is sharp as a saber and it really comes across in songs like Break Me Down. It really does a good job of keeping the rhythm aggressive and catchy. The drums are excellent and there is a wide variety of variations on classic fills. These variations create a very interesting listening experience and make the band a bit more unique. The vocals are pretty typical of the genre, but the singer has a very powerful voice and he takes it to whole new levels on the song Forty Two where he shows his true vocal power. Finally, a note on the production, it is very well done and unbelievably crisp, the album is immeasurably improved by the skill of the producer. In conclusion, Nothing Personal is a killer pop punk band that you NEED to check out!

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