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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sam Locke Solo Project

Oh Petrucci Forum, how I love you, you home of the greatest guitarists to walk the earth. Sam Locke's Solo project is made by one of those great guitarists. With a brutal instrumental djent sound you will not regret picking up a copy of Sam's album. The guitar work is brilliant, and it will rip your mind to shreds. While not the instrumental djent of Tosin, it is more the instrumental djent of Misha, that is to say, highly rhythmic, very brutal, and extremely technical. The solos are brilliant and show of a variety of cool effects. The bass work is solid and manages to capture all those awesome djent rhythms and is overall well done. The drumming is also decent, and gets all that crashing Periphery glory into its sound. Note that the drum and bass have a very small role in this bands sound, they exist only to serve the guitar, and yet, it works. In conclusion, if you like instrumental music, or djent, or have a soul, go listen to Sam Locke, like, right now!

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