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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Revelry

The Revelry is an atmospheric alt rock band with a very full sound that betrays the simplicity of the music. The guitar work is primarily chord driven but the music is never jangly, instead it is broad and moving. Yet at times it descends into a crazy atonal attack which makes the band even more unique. The Revelry's songs are truly works of art. The bass work is thudding and gentle, it provides a heartbeat to the music. They are calm and reassuring, yet at the same time wonderfully groovy and toe taptastic. The drum work is pretty straightforward and overall rather simple. The drum line in Here Comes the Fire is a tad more interesting than in the standard Revelry song, but as I said before, a bit more creativity drum-wise would be pleasant. Finally we have the vocals which can be soothing and calm, and at other times aggressive and crazy. I find them to have an almost Jim Morrison like quality to them. In other words, they are excellent. Now before we close, just a word on the production, while it is decent, it could be vastly ameliorated and I highly recommend that the band choose to do this. In conclusion, The Revelry is a great rock band that you really need to check out, and with a few small fixes they can be true rockers.

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