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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Secondhand Habit

Secondhand Habit is a band I once reviewed many moons ago and I loved them for their cool ballsy punk sound and beautiful lyrics. I am happy to say that they have only gotten better. The guitar work is usually pretty simple but it always is tasty and every riff has a bit of a bite to it. Even though most of their songs are acoustic they all have some of that punk magic. The bass work is solid and is given plenty of time to shine on songs like TILF where it actually defines the song. Overall the bass has a pretty large role in the band and really helps to get the sound going forward. The drums are pretty simple and only have a minor role, yet they are still present and help to push things forever forward. A lot of melody is added to the songs by the keyboards which often take over the lead melody lines. The dominance of the keys gives an interesting vibe to this band and helps move them off their punk roots. Finally we have the vocals which are all rather simple and beautiful. While the singer is no Freddy Mercury his voice has a special magic to it that makes his brilliant lyrics even more poignant. SO go check out Secondhand Habit if you want the best lyrics and some great tunes.

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