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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Naberus is a brutal thrash metal band that combines a lot of styles to create a rather unique sound. The guitar work is at once melodic and brutal. While sometimes the guitarists sound like Lamb of God, other times they sound like In Flames, and sometimes Devil Wears Prada. This combination of sounds is at once good and bad. While on one hand it makes the music varied and interesting it also makes it sound confused, as if the musicians don't know where they want to go with their music. The bass work is heavy and is really emphasized on the more aggressive riffs where it helps to push the music forward. The drums are pretty interesting because they try to keep up with all the styles at the same time. This creates a very interesting effect as the music starts to feel very layered. The vocals are a combination of growls, thrash shouts and cleans. This creates a very interesting varied effect and it makes the band seem much more massive than they actually are. All three types of vocals are very good and they all add a lot to the music. In conclusion Naberus is a band with a very varied sound that has something for everyone.

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