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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Today I am reviewing a rock band called Sedna. They have a fairly straight up sound that when pushed can truly deliver. The guitar work is at once crunchy and melodic, with heavy riffs and soaring solos. They really push the music to the next level. Bass wise this band is also fairly good, with the bass turned up in the mix it's impressive to hear the overall heaviness of the sound. I particularly like the booming bass part in the track Storm at the Gates. The drums typically follow simple patterns, yet they are often fist pumping and fun. Finally we have the vocals, which are almost Vedder-like. Yet Sedna does not stray into the territory of the “yarlers” like Nickelback. Instead they put straight up raw grunge vocals over top of a rock and roll band. In conclusion, Sedna is a cool grunge type band you should probably check out.

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