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Saturday, June 30, 2012


SIINES is an awesome house and roll band combining at once the coolness of Motley Crue and the electronic virtuosity of Daft Punk. The synth loops are intense with powerful loops that feature almost djent rhythms. There is a definite dubstep influence as well with a few bass drops in songs like Sex on the Dance Floor. The rhythms are intense and feature a lot of powerful thudding bass lines that are oddly satisfying. They are just heavy enough to make the music more brutal than most pop, yet light enough that they could be played in any dance club. They have achieved a very interesting balance their. Finally we have the vocals, and lord do I love them. Even if the lyrics cover typical pop subject material they are so much more extreme. With graphic depictions of sex and a roaring vocal style this music is a lot more intense and dramatic than most hip hop. In conclusion SIINES has done the impossible, they have made a hip hop recording that I really dig.
So go and listen to them!

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