Chuck Schuldiner Project

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Red Shift

Experimental prog with an astrophysics inspired band name? Yes Please! Red Shift is a killer prog act (not djent) that truly knows how to get heavy with it, but also when to let up. The guitar work can get really heavy and ridiculously brutal, just listen to Deep Sea Gigantism and be awed by the Agoraphobic Nosebleed level of insanity. Yet also be sure to listen too Hypersleep, and be impressed by the variety of sounds this group can capture. The bass work is very much in the vein of bands like Dream Theater, it is used as almost as much of a lead instrument as the guitar. It is given it's own spot of thudding glory. The drum work is certainly excellent as well with crazy fills that prove the drummers true technical excellence. The vocals range from crazed screams to lilting pleasing vocals. All types are very well done and do a good job of capturing the particular style of that song. Overall Red Shift is a very wonderful band who you should check out if you like eclectic prog!


  1. We are most appreciative that you took the time to listen to our demo; you guys probably have endless piles of music to sift through. Also, thanks for the great review! We will be sure to send you guys a copy or two of our full length, which we will begin tracking in August. Peace.

    Jake-Bassist/Vocalist of Redshift.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly