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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fill The Silence

Fill The Silence is a dirty garage rock band with a raw sound that is to die for. Their sound is a combination of the brilliance of Jack White with the sheer grit of Guns n Roses. The guitar work is chunky and features a lot of tasty riffs ranging from blues rock to folk to punk to grunge, all very well done. The variation of styles provides for some interesting combinations and songs. In particular their is a lot of brilliant wah pedal work going on in some of their songs. The bass work is very solid and really drives the band along on songs like The Cure. The drum work is typical rock stuff but it really shines on riff driven songs like Dirty Girl where the drums pulsate and vibrate pushing their way all throughout the music. The vocals are rather soothing, yet with a rough side. The singer obviously has great range and a wonderful voice, yet at the edge there is a ragged side, and that is very rock and roll. In conclusion, Fill The Silence is a cool band that plays rock and roll the way it was meant to be played, loud, powerful, and fun. So go check them out!

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