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Saturday, July 21, 2012

7th Nemesis

7th Nemesis is a Parisian prog metal band in the vein of Between the Buried and Me. Their riffs re complex and inspiring, the song structures elaborate and powerful. The guitar work is extremely heavy and at times could even be considered to stray into the grindcore side of things. Riff-wise this band is awesome with a ton of great licks you won't soon forget. The bass playing is stellar with some killer parts on songs like Seeding Devotion. The drumming is just perfect, with lots of power but also lots of skill the drummer accurately reflects what this band is all about. They are technically awesome but also very brutal. It's really an interesting sound to have. The growls are dark and stylistically remind me a bit of those in fellow prog metallers Gorod. They have a lot of anger in them but they also communicate some very deep and interesting lyrics. In conclusion, 7th Nemesis is an intensely interesting band with a really cool sound that will draw you in and never spit you back out.

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