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Saturday, July 21, 2012


 Litany portrait
Piston is a straight up rock and roll band with a southern feel to them. Straight out of the garage these guys have a raw sound that you will not soon forget. Their music is catchy and rather heavy. The guitar playing is punchy and some of the riffs arejust spectacular. He manages to capture the bands energy into one headbanging guitar line. The bass work is heavy and really helps the band keep the energy level up. I particularly like the bass in the verse line of Dark Angel where we see the bassist enforcing the riff and giving it new life. The drumming is solid and Dark Angel even has a drum solo which is really cool. The drummers' solid beats keep the energy level up the entire time and never let you rest easy. His playing is fiery and really drags you into the sound. The vocals are passionate and powerful, you can FEEL the singer putting his heart and soul into this band's songs. I really like the raw majesty that you can hear in his voice. Finally, a word on the production, once more Lzr Production delivers perfectly providing a tight sound that can not be criticized. Loz Shaw is truly a master behind the mixing table. In conclusion, Piston is an awesome rock band with tight production who you should listen too!

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