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Monday, July 16, 2012


Balescream is an awesome groove metal band from the blackened pit that is Newcastle, Australia. Their music, while rather groovy, definitely has a much heavier side than most traditional groove bands and this makes them extremely cool. The guitar work is heavy and has an almost black metal brutality to it. It is really interesting to hear the riffs written with this brutal groove mindset. they are definitely something unique. The bass work is rather heavy on this record and it sounds especially good on the track Cyclonic Terror where a heavy bass dominates the song and brings it forward to a new level of metallitude. The drumming is stellar with a ton of ultra fast and crazy fills to be heard in every song. It's really cool to hear the variety offered by this bands drummer. He definitely gets what the music is about. Finally we have the vocals, the growls are deep and vicious and have a lot of death metal ferocity. They show a brutal band at it's heaviest and communicate a message of true violence. In other words, they are totally awesome. In conclusion, Balescream is a very fun, very heavy groove metal band that you should totally check out!

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