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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


With an evil sound that has major doom and prog influences Bloodmoon is black metal done right. The guitar work is droning and simple at times, yet also shoegazey and quiet. In other words, guitarwise this band is a mix of Alcest and Mayhem. It is brutal and frightening, yet also strangely beautiful. The bass work is much like the guitars, straightforward and hard to grasp. The sheer might and variety of Bloodmoon's sound is more than any one reviewer can describe. The drum work is a special treat especially on songs like What Lies Beyond where we see all sides of the drummers palate. Overall, the progressive element lends itself nicely to exciting drums, yet even in the blackest parts of As A Wind the drummer finds ways to keep everything interesting. Vocally this band uses extremely brutal growls in the vein of Cannibal Corpse, the band is not afraid to tear at your eardrums. Yet these are beautifully contrasted by sweet choral parts a la Alcest. In conclusion, Bloodmoon is a band filled with dichotomies. They have a brutal black metal soul yet they are not afraid to go into crazy post-black metal parts. In brief, Bloodmoon is the ultimate black metal band, kvlter than kvlt and metal as all get out!

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