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Monday, July 2, 2012


Hammerspace is a new nerdy thrash metal act from the states. One might compare their sound to some of the heavier music performed by comedy metallers Dethklok. Their music has a certain brutality to it that is really quite powerful. The guitars are fast and furious and feature all sorts of speedy death metal riffs. In other words, the guitars are very satisfying. The bass work is fast and furious and has a certain black metal magic to it that you do not easily forget. I particularly like the bass part in "The Kings of Mediocrity" which shows the true speed of the bassist. Then we have the drums which are very controlled but also very tense. They actually remind me of certain Slayer songs, they're that good. Finally we have the vocals which are vaguely reminiscent of old school death metal acts like Atheist, they are on the lighter side but very aggressive. The lyrics are fairly humorous, some songs definitely made me crack a smile or two. In conclusion, Hammerspace is a really cool band, and anyone who loves heavy thrash should dig these guys. So go check them out!

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