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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boldy, We Rise
Boldy, We Rise is a very tight metalcore act from Mesa Arizona. Their music is powerful and tinged with more commercial sounding melodies. The guitar riffs tend to be very brutal and chugging. I think it adds an interesting deathcore flavor to the music. The sheer heaviness juxtaposed against the lighter bits reminds me of This Deafening Whisper. My favorite riffs are the more melodic ones which show an interesting layer to the band that goes completely against the brutality of the verses. I find the bass playing on this album to be fairly solid. In particular the breakdowns provide a great opportunity for the bass to shine. It adds a whole new layer of heaviness to the music and is quite enjoyable. The drumming is very steady and I really like the playing on the chorus of Pessimistic Optimism. It shows the true skill of the drummer and is quite fun to headbang along too. The vocals on this album are shared among multiple. The screams are handled very well and have a major deathcore quality to them. They tend to dominate the verses. Meanwhile, the female vocalist gives clean vocals to the verses. Its an interesting contrast and Boldly, We Rise manages to make it sound rather unique. In conclusion, Boldly, We Rise is a hot new metalcore band that you should really check out!

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  1. Pick up some of the drummers solo's. this kid is amazing