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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dying Seed-Tsuba

The Dying Seed is a heavy stoner band in the vein of Electric Wizard. With musicians who are not afraid to fall into moody atmospheric breakdwons The Dying Seed creates a unique listening experience. (Also, cool t-shirts, I got one last night) The guitar work is solid with some very impressive licks which truly communicate the stoner vibe. The bass playing is very bluesy and has a lot of power behind it and will definitely impress you. I particularly like the drumming on this record as it is very free sounding and shows the true capability of The Dying Seed. Finally the vocals are growled and have a certain black power to them that makes them very appealing. This is a band that is not afraid to do anything, and they do pretty much everything. Expect it all from The Dying Seed and you won't be surprised.

With a bluesy sound the guitarist of this Dying Seed will impress you with some creepy chords and bluesy riffs. There is a certain headbanging prowess to his work that makes you want to keep listening. His riffs have a certain solidity to them such that it makes you want to pulse, slowly but steadily to the stoner rhythms of his crazy riffs. The solos are excellent and have a great blues feel to them. I particularly like the Iommi caliber solo on the killer track “Trees”. It shows a guitarist who is capable of invoking the dark spirit of Black Sabbath and injecting it into his work. It is really a pleasure to hear this guy play, he is basically a heavier version of Tony Iommi. He takes the stoner ethos to a new level and injects it with a healthy dose of classic rock. The end result is an excellent guitar sound that you will not soon forget!

The bass playing on this record is simply stellar. There are just so many great licks I don't know where to start. From the heavy bass riff on Another Door to the atmospheric playing on Old Man's Heir this guy has it all. His heavy riffs are very tasty and really get you headbanging. Meanwhile, the moodier stuff shows his true skill. He manages to make a swirling and strange sound that fills out the music in a wonderful way. The bass playing is truly a highlight of the album. The drum work is very free sounding and almost detached from the music. They have varied rhythms and fills that keep everything interesting. It shows the true capability of this band , that they are able to play over rhythms this bizarre and shifting. All in all the rhythm section of this band is excellent and even though they barely keep it together it sounds really cool. They get the free sounding aura of stoner metal down pat and are a joy to listen too!

Vocally this band is excellent. With a lot of interesting lines combining death growls with unearthly moans this band won't leave you bored. I love how the vocals have an eerie quality to them that makes you feel like your are listening to something that is not wholly natural. It's almost Sabbath-like, this unholy feel that can not be properly described. They are a truly fascinating band to listen too and the vocals just add another layer to the overall mystique. I really love the groaning quality of a lot of stoner metal bands and The Dying Seed gets it exactly right! They have a true stoner vocalist and it does a lot for the sound. Lyrically this band is dark and mysterious. With song titles like “Tsuba Through Your Throat and River's End you can begin to understand the mystique and creepiness of the groups sound. Overall the singing is great and kind of unsettling, it should interest most metalheads.

In conclusion, The Dying Seed's debut album Tsuba is a crushing slab of stonerriffic metal that will not dissapoint. There sound is beautifully heavy and has a true stoner vibe. With excellent guitar work, exotic solos and cool riffs abound. The heavy bass playing is another highlight of the record with some really cool solos dotted throughout. Drum wise this band is as good as ti gets with some weird rhythms that can be really interesting. I love the vocals on this album, with mystic lyrics and cool vocal stylings it really ices the cake. In conclusion The Dying Seed is an excellent stoner band and their debut LP will only impress. So go check them out!

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