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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Conspiranoia-Spiritual Complexity

Conspiranoia's new EP Spiritual Complexity just dropped and is a slab of killer Between the Buried and Me style prog. This EP is chock full of tasty songs with lots of great riffs and fun vocals. The playing is simply stellar and every musician is a virtuoso. The guitar work is illuminating with lots of great rhythms that are prog but not djent. I particularly like the playing on The Unconditional Amusement. Here we see some stellar rhythm parts as well as awesome lead work all over top a few killer riffs. The bass playing is also exceptional and really has a lot of shining fills. One song that the bass does an excellent job on is Erroneous where he pushes a hard rocking and heavy sound to the max. The keyboard is also excellent on that track. He provides a weird almost dissonant vibe to the music and makes it a lot more interesting and also very unique. The keyboards add a lot of genuine flavor to this record. The drum playing here is nigh on perfect. With some mind ripping fills on every track it is not possible that this album leave you bored. Every other bar there is an exciting lick or phrase. The drummer brings A LOT to this record and really makes it shine. Finally we have the vocals, a combination of growls and cleans this is very well mixed. It provides a great means of communicating the message of each song and the isnger does a great job of fitting in with the band. He really makes this EP have a sick BTBAM feel to it. In conclusion, while heavily influenced by BTBAM Spiritual Complexity is a brilliant EP and a must listen!

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